Alaska State Fair = Rain

Day1Fair2013First day of the Alaska State Fair and guess what?  Rain.  No kidding, rain!  The booth across from us did a land office business selling umbrellas.  The Niebrugge Studio art booth was warm and dry with the help from two little portable heaters tucked away behind the counter where we sit.  This is the view out our front doors.  The weather forecast predicts nice weather for the weekend, that’s par for the course; a few days of rain followed by sunshine.  The weather doesn’t stop these hearty Alaskan’s, they love the fair and will come no matter what.  I’ve seen flip flops, shorts, down parkas, and ear muffs, you name it and it will show up sooner or later.  I’m committed to be here all eleven days, so if you are out here, stop at the booth and say “hi”!

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  1. Noella Ross says

    I love the colour, shapes and movement in this photos, Gail. What an interesting week you are having!

  2. It is quite a change from my peaceful garden on the lake. There is excitement, people, and something new happening every day. It is a bit wearing though.

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