Streaky Background

Yellow and yellow green are notorious for needing second or third coats. See how streaky the first coat is in this photo. This is the beginning of one panel of four for the Redington School % for Art project. I’m getting ready to apply the second coat.

Redington Commission Begin Painting

I started painting the background on one of the four panels for the Redington School. Then, I ran out of paint. I’m waiting for my paint order to arrive before I can continue. I use Utrech acrylics from New York, and have been for nearly 40 years.

Starting Second Snow Goose Painting

The beginning of the second Snow Goose painting for the Mat Su Day School Percent for Art project for the entry.  This is number five out of seven big birds, once this is finished I will have two to go!  I often paint with the subject upside down or sideways, it means less reaching up […]

Beginning to Paint a Sandhill Crane in Flight

I have just started laying in dots on the large Sandhill Crane image.  Seven big birds will be completed for the entry lobby of the new Mat Su Day School in Wasilla, Alaska under the % for Art program.  This is number three.

SOLD Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge Pointillism Painting “Twilight”

Original Painting by Artist Gail Niebrugge Pointillism Painting “Twilight”by Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge Original acrylic painting on rag board 8″ x 11.5″, framed under glass 19″ x 22″ Call for price and availability This sweet little pointillism painting depicts a scene from the Old Trunk Road, Palmer, Alaska, of alpen glow on the distant mountains.  […]

Buy “Teklanika Bears” Original Painting

Original Painting by Artist Gail Niebrugge   Original Painting “Teklanika Bears” Acrylic painting on masonite panel 23.5″ x 35.5″ To purchase original call for price and availability. Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge created this painting in the technique of pointillism, finishing the artwork by adding detail to the hills behind the spruce trees, highlighting the rocks […]

SOLD Original Painting “Proud Mamma” Mallard Ducks

  Original Painting by Artist Gail Niebrugge “Proud Mamma” original painting Acrylic on canvas 9″ x 12″ by artist Gail Niebrugge. To purchase call for price and availability. Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge loves these little Mallard ducks, the feather coloring around the eyes and the shape of the beak makes them look like they are […]

SOLD “Puffin” Original Painting by Gail Niebrugge

  Original Painting by Artist Gail Niebrugge Original Painting “Puffin” acrylic on canvas 5″ x 7″ by Gail Niebrugge. To purchase call for price and availability. Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge made the adjustments to the composition as she worked on the painting “Puffin”, creating a comfortable, finished image.  This little original painting might be used […]

Phase 4 “Teklanika Bears” Painting

At this step I’ve darkened the lower half of the painting, but I think the water and reflection are still too pale.  Some detail is painted in the distant mountains and the riverbed but needs more.  The hills behind the dark trees need definition and detail yet.  More tomorrow. Gail Niebrugge, painting Alaska

Phase 3 “Teklanika Bears” Painting

This is a fairly large painting and it was important to walk a distance away from time to time to observe the progress.  At this point all the spaces are blocked in, but very little detail is painted.  I thought the row of bushes behind the bears was too bright, the gravel too blue, and […]

Phase 2 of “Teklanika Bears” Painting

My research for this painting consisted of photos I’d taken of bears in various places in Denali National Park, none were at this location.  My photos of the mountain range did not include this part of the river, so I pulled my ideas together from many different photos and my memory.  What intrigued me the […]

Starting a New Painting “Teklanika Bears”

I’ve had a gesso prepared masonite panel stored in my studio since 1976 when I arrived in Alaska.  Bob carefully built more than 20 of these panels when we lived in California to take to Alaska.  The original plan was to paint all summer, go back home and have an “Alaska” show.  Well…..we never went […]

Shaping the “Rosebud” with values

I’m struggling to stay with the pointillism on the tiny flower shape on this miniature canvas painting.  Working with red is wonderful, I love all the values of red that can be mixed with my limited palette of cadmium orange light and napthol crimson.   I’ve added burnt sienna, or pthalo blue, or ultramarine blue, titanium […]

Next Phase of “Rosebud” Painting

The background is nearly finished at this phase and I’ve begun to add the light and dark values to the flower shape. Gail Niebrugge, flower artist

Start Mini Painting “Rosebud”

Began another miniature, 5″ x 7″ canvas, of a red rosebud.  Even though these are a new batch of canvases the same paint adhesion problem exists.  To solve this I coated the entire surface with acrylic gel, it is transparent and allows the drawing to be seen.  After the gel coat the acrylic paint worked […]

Adding Pointillism one Dot at a Time

At this stage I painted the reflections of the ducks and ripples in the foreground water.  Next I began began developing the Mallard duck figures  starting with the darkest values.  This canvas is quite a bit larger than the previous ones and allows enough room to create a more complex composition in pointillism. Gail Niebrugge, […]

Beginning a Painting Study “Proud Mamma”

On this 9″ x 12″ canvas I sketched the figures of a female Mallard duck and her brood of six chicks in pencil then laid  thin wash of acrylic over the sketch, wet on wet as if working in watercolor.  The next step is to begin applying acrylic paint in small colorful dots.  I started […]

Adjusting Composition on Puffin Painting

As I continued layering dots on this tiny canvas I realized that the composition was a little askew.  I’ll need to adjust it using values, darken the area to the right of the puffin head and perhaps lighten the dark background in the center of the canvas to the left of the puffin chest.  One […]

New Study Puffin Painting

On this little 5″ x 7″ canvas I’ve sketched a puffin and started painting dots with acrylic.  These unusual looking birds can be found nesting in rocky  rookeries along the Alaska coastline during July.  This particular rocky island was festooned with beautiful wildflowers, a lovely place to explore.  We spent an afternoon climbing around the […]

Layering Dots on the Common Loon Painting

At this stage of the miniature painting I’m going buggy trying to delineate the dot pattern on the loon image with pointillism.  There are entirely too many dots for the eye to make sense of the image.  My only recourse is to put the canvas on the easel and stand way back, 20 to 30 […]

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