The Mc Kinley Trail Painting Rests

I’m ready to let this painting rest for awhile, it might be finished, it might not.  I’ve been too close to it for too many days to be objective anymore.  This is the point where propping it up inside a studio mat and sitting it on the easel for a few days serves as a […]

Foreground in Pointillism

After a little touching up to the mid ground I’ve started adding pointillism (many small colorful dots) to develop the moss and grasses in the foreground.  One of the interesting aspects of this part of the Mc Kinley Bar Trail is the orange/red/gold mossy covering on the ground near the water.  Combined with the green […]

Details on Upper Half of Painting

I don’t usually go into detail at this stage of the painting, the bottom half remains untouched but for the under painted watercolor wash.  But something tells me that I won’t have a whole lot to do on the bottom half, it has a nice feel already, I’ll just pull it together with some darks, […]

Painting Dark Shapes

The sky and distant mountains are not finished, but their values are well enough established that I can move into the middle ground and plant trees.  I’ve defined the light and dark shapes of the middle ground but the foreground grasses have not been touched.  They remain as the original under painting at this stage.  […]

Applying Dots of Acrylic over the Gel Coat

I had forgotten how much fun it is to paint over the watercolor wash coated with acrylic gel, using acrylic paint in dots!  I love it and wonder why I quit.  The photo of the early phase of the painting “McKinley Trail” above shows that I’ve begun to fill in the sky using gradation from […]

Coating the Surface With Acrylic Gel

This is the part that separates my painting technique from a pure watercolor.  I carefully coat the under painted watercolor with a layer of acrylic gel.  If I use too much water in the gel it will smudge the under paint, it takes just the right amount of gel/water to work.  I don’t mind if […]

Laying Down the Watercolor Wash

Close ups of the wild abandon I use when applying the under painting of watercolor. I show very little regard to the drawing underneath at this stage.  Salt has been sprinkled onto the wet surface to create the snow flake look, and paint is splattered on the surface. The finished under paint for the new […]

The Start of Another New Painting

Lately I’ve been painting on canvas, and enjoying the springy texture of the stretched fabric.  But, I ran across a series of work I did a few years ago using an under painting of watercolor on heavy rag paper and I immediately yearned to paint with that method again.  So, using reference material from my […]

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