Playing on the Glacier

Continued….. Our three days at the Don Sheldon Mountain House on the Ruth Glacier in Denali National Park, Alaska, were fabulous!  Not only did we have spectacular weather, clear skies and plenty of sunshine, but it was calm and silent.  It was magical.  In the distance we would hear the occasional crack of ice, or […]

Living on a Glacier

continued….. As we settled into the cozy hut situated at the top of a ridge overlooking the Ruth Glacier in Denali National Park, Alaska, our first chore was to find the outhouse.  There was a little brown colored shed perched on the edge of a steep, narrow ridge located about 100 yards from the cabin.  […]

Moving into Mountain House

continued….. To reach the mountain house we loaded our gear onto the two small plastic sleds that were provided, donned our skis and started our trek uphill.  It was slow work for two slightly out of shape middle aged explorers.  At first we piled everything on each sled as high as we could, but the […]

Flying to Ruth Glacier

Lately I’ve been reviewing my research files seeking subject matter for new paintings and I ran across these photos of a fabulous trip in 1997 to Don Sheldon’s Mountain House on the Ruth Glacier, Denali National Park, Alaska.  I thought I’d share the experience on my blog.  During this time one of the places I […]

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