Monarch Painting Finished!!

I’m thinkin’ “Monarch” is finished 🙂 It really didn’t require much more detail to complete, my effort concentrated on the reflected light in the shadows on the flower petals and creating color variation in the background. It might seem odd, but the negative space (background) in this painting took the most time. I’m not interested […]

Monarch Painting Stage 10 Details

It always fun to start adding details, here is a close-up of part of the wing of the Monarch butterfly. Here is a close-up of the body of the Monarch, you can see all of the overlapping dots in these two details. Even though I’m beginning to develop detail, some of the main components of […]

Monarch Painting Stage 9

It may be hard to see, but I’ve been refining the patterns in the background, softening some and darkening others. I’ve changed the colors, some areas are blue green, others red violet, and others green. It is subtle, but much more interesting. I’m not sure I’m done yet, I’ll wait awhile and contemplate…… The butterfly […]

Monarch Painting Stage 8

At this point I’m contemplating the shapes and hues in the background, and I think I’ll modify some….they seem too regular, to much the same. Some should be larger, some lighter, some darker, more variety. I’ve begun to add definition to the flower petals and the center. Nothing has been done to the butterfly for […]

Monarch Painting Stage 7

I’m developing shapes using hues and shades of blue and green dots in the background behind the butterfly and the flower. It could work out fine or I might change the whole thing, we shall see how it goes. Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

Monarch Painting Stage 6

At this point I’ve added more dots of color to the butterfly wings and began to define soft shapes in the background on the lower right by adding darker shades of blue and green. I’m contemplating varying the background values throughout the painting, a few dark dots have been added along the left side. This […]

Stage 5 Monarch Painting

I’m adding more colored dots to the butterfly and the flower shape. The background remains unchanged. All of the work at this point is nothing more than laying in values and color, many changes will take place before the painting is finished. Gail Niebrugge, Alaska landscape artist

Monarch Painting Stage 4

I’ve filled the background with dots in shades and hues of blue with a slight variation in value, and began adding color to the butterfly and parts of the flower. All of this work is very preliminary at this point, many changes will take place before I am satisfied. The background could change entirely, I […]

More Pointillism in the Background of Monarch Painting

Many more dots in shades and hues of blue are added to the background of the painting. At this stage the value of the blue is pretty much the same, I will begin to lighten or darken areas of the background later. Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

Pointillism background for Monarch Painting

I’ve begun to apply the first layer of dots to the background of the painting, multiple shades and hues of blue. The dots are applied very random and the values are applied equally random at this stage. Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

Sketch for New Painting “Monarch”

This sketch is from my trip to New Zealand where I saw many butterflies in the botanical gardens, I’m painting a Monarch butterfly as it feeds on a flower. Gail Niebrugge, Alaska flower artist

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