Glennallen Reunion in Niebrugge Studio Booth

Sunday brought old friends to the booth at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer.  Bob is on the left then Betty Vierson, Linda Marchini’s brother & wife and Linda herself, Evelyn Bunch, and on the far right Gina Marchini.  School teachers were well represented with two retired, Betty and Evelyn, and brand new teacher Gina.  […]

Hard Hat Day at the Fair

Yesterday everyone who came to the Alaska State Fair, Palmer, was given a yellow plastic hard hat when they entered at the gates.  The aisles were full of yellow hats bobbing up and down, that is the way it is here.  People come to have fun!  This morning the sun is shining on the booths […]

Adios Beloved State Fair!

This will be our last year in a booth at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer.  We have the booth listed for sale and although we do very well at this venue, it is time to retire.  Twelve hour days on the weekends and ten hour days during the week are for the young, both […]

Shopping at Niebrugge Studio Art Booth

Today was forecast for rain, instead the sun came out intermittently occasionally hiding behind sparse clouds.  It was a perfect day to enjoy the many tasty food booths and browse through the booths.  We had a steady flow of people in and out enjoying the art all day long.  These are the smart shoppers, during […]

Niebrugge Studio Booth at Alaska State Fair

Our booth on a beautiful sunny day before the crowds arrive.  After two gorgeous days the rains came down in earnest but it doesn’t seem to bother fair goers, they arrive in their fishermans rain gear, rubber knee boots, and plod through the puddles with smiles on their faces while eating cotton candy.  The tourists […]

Evening Sky from Niebrugge Studio Booth

The evening skies at this time of the year in Palmer, Alaska, are spectacular.  We are fortunate to face west and can watch the spectacular sunsets from our art booth at the Alaska State Fair,  last night was no exception.  I went outside to take a photo and half the crowd had their iPhones or […]

“Kid’s Day” at the Alaska State Fair

After a blustery, rainy, cool first day at the Palmer fair the second day brought sunshine and lots of youngsters who took advantage of the special reduced admission for “Kid’s Day”.  Yesterday people were wading through deep puddles on the paved walk outside my booth, today bare feet in sandals made an appearance while sun-warmed […]

Alaska State Fair = Rain

First day of the Alaska State Fair and guess what?  Rain.  No kidding, rain!  The booth across from us did a land office business selling umbrellas.  The Niebrugge Studio art booth was warm and dry with the help from two little portable heaters tucked away behind the counter where we sit.  This is the view […]

Artist Visits Kennicott, Alaska

Husband Bob and our guests Arlene and Bob Shuster standing on the porch of my favorite place, the Kennicott Glacier Lodge.  We spent a lovely day touring, the road from Chitina is in the best condition I’ve ever seen.  Bob and I will return to the lodge in August and I will give a slide […]

Artist Gallery at the Glennallen Tastee Freeze 1979

Once the Niebrugge family decided to stay in Alaska they needed a source of income.  Back then and even today, making a living as an artist is nearly impossible, especially for an emerging one.  The family acquired the Glennallen Tastee Freez in 1977 and the dining room quickly became a gallery for Gail’s work.  Soon […]

The Good Old Days; Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Shows

From 1992 through 1995 Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge participated in her booth at the annual Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Shows held at the Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington.  Among the best known wildlife artists attending included Robert Bateman, Daniel Smith, Terry Isaac, Carl Brenders and more, it was a heady group with which to belong.  From […]

Early Niebrugge Art Shows in Alaska Galleries

Photo of artist Gail with owner of the House of Wood, Donna Wood, in Fairbanks in 2003.  Donna gave Gail her first show in Fairbanks in the early 1980’s and became one of her most valued gallery operators.  She continued showing at the House of Wood until Donna retired. Niebrugge at Waterfront Gallery in Juneau […]

Booth Cancelled for Make it Alaskan Show

It has been very busy here at Niebrugge Studio since the Alaska State Fair.  My husband/partner injured his back during the fair and I have found out first-hand how much work it is to get the yard and buildings ready by myself for winter, which in Alaska is just a few weeks away.  Fortunately I […]

New Art Collectors visit Niebrugge Booth

It is always fun to meet new people and explain the process of pointillism.  Friday in our Art Booth at the Alaska State Fair was a day to introduce folks to my work.  The slide show that plays on the computer monitor is a big help in explaining how a painting comes together using dots.  […]

Wind and Rain, but warm inside the Art Booth

This was yesterday, looking through the open doors of our Art Booth at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer.  Inside we were dry and warm, a little oasis in the middle of a crazy storm.  Today the weather is back to normal (for Palmer) what a difference a day makes!  During the peak of the […]

New Friends, Old Friends in the Art Booth

What a fun day we had yesterday in our Art booth at the Alaska State Fair, Palmer.  It was another sunny day and spirits were high, our booth was full of laughter, story-telling, and friends.  A steady stream of old friends, new friends, and soon-to-be-friends visited.  Shown above talking to hubby Bob are some of […]

Sunshine in the Art Booth at the Fair

Wow, Tuesday was one of those days we all love in Alaska!  Sunshine from morning till night, and more forecast for Wednesday.  Tank tops and flip flops were the dress of the day at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer.  The afternoon sun streamed into our Art booth where I donned sunglasses and moved my […]

Busy Days in the Niebrugge Artist Booth

Hubby Bob answering questions in our Art booth at the Alaska State Fair.  We’ve had every kind of weather from hot sunshine to wind and torrential rain, but it doesn’t deter Alaskans and their guests, they take it all in stride.  Today is the sixth day of the Fair, it ends September 3, Labor Day.  […]

Wow, Sunshine and Crowds on Saturday

The above photo was taken outside of our booth around 3:00PM Saturday, sunshine at the Alaska State Fair drew huge crowds.  It was fun to people watch through the doors of our art booth, every shape and size was represented dressed in Alaska fun casual.  Sprinkled here and there were Fairdo’s,  hairdo’s with glitter and […]

Paintings and Art at the Alaska State Fair

Fourteen framed original paintings are included in the artwork shown in our booth this year at the Alaska State Fair.  Among the paintings is the original for the 2002 Alaska State Fair poster, the original Teklanika Bears, one of my early watercolors of the Kennicott Broken Porch, and several unframed originals matted and shrink wrapped […]

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