Strolling Gold Mint Trail

With golden leaves falling rapidly we decided to take a hike in Hatcher Pass on the wide, well-groomed Gold Mint trail.  It was a perfect place for Princess, many people and dogs were enjoying the sunshine and she was excited to see each and every one!  The sun was shining, air was crisp and warm, […]

Mile 5 Gold Mint Trail, Hatcher Pass

Hikers stand next to the 5 mile marker on the Gold Mint Trail at Hatcher Pass, Alaska.  This week I was joined by Evelyn Bunch, Jen Scott and Mary Mystrom.  This group is very fit and I had to work hard to keep up with their pace.  We hiked a total of 10 miles which […]

Hiking Hatcher Pass Gold Mint Trail

This week five of us tackled the first three miles of the Gold Mint Trail at Hatcher Pass.  Not pictured (taking our photo) is Mary Kate Mayer, and from left to right; Carol Turner, Sue Mues, me, and Mary Mystrom.  What started out as a cloudy cool day turned into perfect, sunny hiking weather.  We […]

Beaver Ponds Everywhere

The Gold Mint Trail passes alongside a chain of many active beaver ponds. The calm, clear water created perfect reflections of the surrounding alpine peaks perfect to include in a future original landscape painting. We hiked for two hours and vowed to come back soon for a longer trip. The trail was in very good […]

Gold Mint Trail Follows Little Susitna River

The Gold Mint Trail meanders up a beautiful valley and follows the Little Susitna River, eventually ending at the headwaters. It was a crisp, overcast day and the sounds of rushing water and birds chirping filled the air. What a wonderful hike! I found many beautiful landscape scenes to photograph for use in future original […]

Archangel Creek Bridge

The well kept Gold Mint Trail crossed the clear flowing water of Archangel Creek with a beautiful bridge built by volunteers using funds raised by junior middle school classes. We were the only people on the trail this morning. The scenery was spectacular. More tomorrow, Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

Hatcher Pass Gold Mint Trailhead

Just 25 miles away is the scenic alpine country of Hatcher Pass, in the Talkeetna Mountains, and the beautifully maintained public recreation area of Alaska State Parks. At this elevation Spring is two weeks behind, so we dressed a little warmer for our morning hike along the Gold Mint Trail. Since the trees were not […]

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