Rose Painting Finished!

The finished pointillism painting “Red Rose”, 18″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas.  I enjoyed exploring one color in such depth. I am celebrating three years of writing this blog today.  Amazing!   In the beginning did not think I could find enough to write about my life as an artist.  And, I did not post […]

Rose Painting Stage #10

After a lot of work and many, many more dots layered on top of the original dots I think the rose looks redder.  I’ve never tried to do an all red subject before, and it is a challenge.  Mixing white with red makes pink.  I’ve mixed red, violet, orange, and white and still get pink.  […]

Rose Painting Stage #9

I’m sorting out the center petals in this painting of a rose, and finding that I’ve got a few mistakes.  But, as I study the work I realize that it is a lot more pink in color than red.  It will be a big job to re-paint all the petals but I want to rose […]

Rose Painting Stage #8

The outer petals in this painting of a rose are taking shape, I have some problems with the gradation from light to dark in some places the color will abruptly go from dark to light forming a line, I will work on this next.  The time has come to sort out the complicated center leaves. […]

Rose Painting Stage #7

This painting is getting complicated, I’m finding it hard to sort out the center petals of the rose.  I decided to concentrate on the outer leaves first, then I will work my way toward the middle.  I’m leaving the lightest highlights unpainted until the very end, this helps me to establish the mid and dark […]

Rose Painting Stage #6

At this stage of the painting I’m developing the darkest areas and blending multiple colored dots to give the rose petals some color and definition.  The flower is beginning to take shape. More tomorrow, Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Flower Painter

Rose Painting Stage #5

At this stage I begin to fill in multicolored dots in the darkest areas of the rose petals, and lay in one layer of pointillism to the mid values.  The rose petals look pretty jumbled and hard to define, I think I’ll concentrate on the darkest leaves then finish the medium colored areas before I […]

Rose Painting Stage #4

Filling the negative space with dark colors in pointillism has really let me see the shape of the rose.  I think I’ll keep the background dark.  This is a very red rose and will take a lot of hues, shades and tints of red, red orange, and red violet to make an intense red color.  […]

Rose Painting Stage #3

As I filled in the darker dots the shape of the rose emerged and making it easier to think about the layers in the painting.  I think I’ll finish the dots in the negative space before I tackle any more of the rose petals.  Creating the variation in the colors of the pointillism in the […]

Rose Painting Stage #2

Once the composition is established I begin to fill in the negative space with very dark dots, starting with green/brown in the lower right corner and changing into dark purple along the top, then blue on the left side.  I’m laying dots in the darkest areas of the rose at the same time.  At this […]

Sketch for a Painting of a Rose

I loved the Botanical Gardens so much on my recent trip to Australia and New Zealand that I’m eager to paint some of my favorite flowers.  Here is a pencil sketch of a rose for a new painting.  I’m enjoying the idea of showing the flower up close and allowing some of the petals go […]

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