Palmer/Moose Creek RR Trail Hike

We cancelled our regular Tuesday hike due to heavy rain and re-scheduled Wednesday, weather permitting.   Wednesday morning I could see fresh snow at Hatcher Pass and the sun shining in Palmer so two of us hiking die-hards decided to try the Palmer/Moose Creek Rail Road Trail.  It is a very scenic route that begins at […]

Palmer Railroad Trail Washout

On the steepest part of the bluff, just below the view point on the Glenn Highway, the Palmer-Moose Creek Railroad Trail is totally washed out. Only the very agile, experienced, or hearty hikers would be comfortable crossing this precipitous loose scree and rock. It certainly didn’t look “easy to moderate” with a 100ft. drop straight […]

Palmer Railroad Trail Erosion

About a mile down the Palmer-Moose Creek Railroad Trail we came to a sizable washout. This photo doesn’t show how steep it is or how far down it is to the glacier fed river below. Suffice it to say, our aging bodies and trifocals caused us to tread very gingerly over this spot. We actually […]

Palmer Railroad Trail Trash

A little way down the Palmer-Moose Creek Railroad Trail we came to a scenic overlook with views of the braided Matanuska River and towering bluffs on the opposite side. I was saddened to see the river bank immediately below used as a dumping ground for old vehicles, appliances, and trash. It was a scene right […]

Palmer-Moose Creek Railroad Trail, Alaska

I like to combine efforts and partnering the search for painting subject matter with exercise has worked well for me during the summer. As I’ve become a member of the senior citizenry my methods for exercize have grown less strenuous, during winter I spend 45 minutes on the treadmill five days a week. With summer […]

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