Alaska Glacier and Wildlife Tour

I had a chance to take a little R&R for a few days, so my friend Pat and I drove to Seward and took a glacier and wildlife tour. We got to see our son and daughter-in-law, and shared some awesome meals together. Thank you Ron and Janine for finding tickets for us to use […]

Gorgeous Wedding Gina and Junior

Gina Marchini and her dad, Jim, walking down the isle at the scenic gardens of the Majestic Valley Lodge, Glacier View, Alaska. It was a gorgeous wedding. And the best part was being with all of our former neighbors and friends from the Copper River Basin. We had a lovely time. We sat with Donna […]

Seward Campsite

We spent a wonderful seven days at this beautiful waterfront campsite in Seward Alaska, enjoying the fourth of July celebration.  Our campsite was directly across the street from our son Ron’s house.  Our daughter, Tawny, and family camped next to us in their motor home.  I could get used to traveling this way.  We rented […]

Bye Bye Beautiful Baja Beach

We enjoyed our two week stay in Cabo San Lucas, and I especially liked walking on the pristine beach.  I think it is just as hard to walk in snow as it is on sand, except for the shore slanting toward the water.  This beach is so clean you’d never know so many people use […]

Three Ship Day in Cabo

Today the bay is empty of ships, but yesterday three ships occupied the view all day long.  I can’t believe how wonderful the weather has been.  Every day is a carbon copy of the last, sunny, warm, and perfect.  Our trip is coming to an end, and soon we will be winging home to Alaska.  […]

The Pools, Our Retreat

Here is the view from the balcony of our condo in Cabo San Lucas, Baja.  I think it is pretty nice.  Not shown in the photo are the two cruise ships anchored in the bay today.  Bob and I are on our own now (our friends, the Hales, left Monday) until we head home to […]

Sunset Cruise; Baja

During our stay at Cabo San Lucas we took several sunset cruises.  One of the perks is an unlimited bar, and I got hooked on Mojitas with lots of fresh mint leaves.  Whales and dolphins were everywhere, and the weather is perfect!  I recommend these activities heartily, they make the vacation fun.

Food, Food, Food; Cabo Baja

As I look through my photos of our trip to Cabo San Lucas, they seem to be dominated by all of us either eating or drinking.  Oh my, I think I’ve gained 10 lbs!  But, the weather is awesome and our company, Ned and Cookie Hales, are the best.  We’ve had so much fun eating, […]

Awesome Weather in Baja!

This morning it was a little overcast, but very warm in Cabo San Lucas.  By noon the skies cleared and the sun shone again, its warm rays penetrating my lily white Alaskan skin.   In the distance at sea we could see one of the Princess cruise ships moored in the bay, little orange and white […]

Baja Mexico, Cabo San Lucas!

Here I am, pasty white with my tanned husband Bob, and our very tan California friends Ned and Cookie Hales, having dinner in a Mexican restaurant in Cabo.  The weather is wonderful, food good, and we are enjoying our time in this beautiful place.  We have two weeks here and hopefully I will be tan […]

Family Skiing at Thanksgiving

Tawny, Rob, Quincy in the sit ski, and Reilly Buck skiing as a family at Alyeska during Thanksgiving 2013.  Sydney Buck was training with the Alyeski Ski Club Juniors each day.  Bob and I sit inside the warm lodge at Challenge, Alaska and enjoy watching this active family play.  We are thankful for our time […]

Thanksgiving with Grandkids, the best!

A picture is worth 1,000 words.  Need I say more?  At the condo in Girdwood, Alaska 2013.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, an Artists’ Mecca

Native Indian artists display their wares on blankets along the sidewalks of the plaza downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico.  While visiting our friends in Corrales, New Mexico, we took several day trips to Santa Fe.  I love this historic town!  The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture is a treasure, located on Museum Hill, it […]

Hot Air Balloon Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico

One day while visiting Albuquerque, New Mexico, we had the pleasure to visit the Hot Air Balloon Museum.  It offers a fascinating look at the history and changes in the sport of ballooning.  Albuquerque has a huge area set aside for the annual festival called the Balloon Park.  Above we are pictured inside a balloon […]

Hot Air Balloons Up Close and Personal

Back home in Corrales, New Mexico, we watched the hot air balloon ascension from the house one sunny, clear morning and the prevailing winds took them right overhead.  Balloons were everywhere and several landed nearby.  One actually landed in the cul-de-sac right at the bottom of the driveway!  We were kept busy running around the […]

Taos, New Mexico, and Hot Chili Peppers

We took a two-day road trip with our hosts, John and Lee Reeve, to Taos, New Mexico.  Oh, how I love the pueblo style architecture and the wonderful assortment of Mexican food loaded with roasted hot chili peppers.  Above is a photo of green and red chili’s being roasted in a spinning drum.  Four of […]

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Evening Glow

We flew from Reno to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to attend the week long Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, staying with good friends John and Lee Reeve.  We could watch the morning ascensions from their beautiful hillside home, and were delighted to attend in person during an evening to experience the “glow”.  The glow is held every […]

Visiting Thunderbird Lodge, Tahoe

While visiting Lake Tahoe, California, we enjoyed a tour of the elaborate Thunderbird Lodge, the former home of an eccentric millionaire who had tunnels and secret passageways constructed inside the building.  Oh, to have so much money that you can build anything imaginable.  It was indeed interesting for its architecture and excess.  It is a […]

Lunch Along the Tahoe Waterfront

After a full day driving the complete shoreline of beautiful Lake Tahoe, enjoying gorgeous views and hikes, the next day we decided to have lunch at a nice restaurant along the waterfront near Kings Beach on the north shore.  Shown above from left to right are myself, Cookie Hales, Ned Hales, and hubby Bob.  We […]

North Shore Hyatt, Lake Tahoe

We arrived in Lake Tahoe, California, during a blustery wind, whitecaps were appearing all over the lake and small waves were crashing onto shore.  I loved sitting outside by the fire pit and soaking in the sunshine, protected from the wind by the big Hyatt hotel.  We shared a condo with our good friends from […]

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