Sign Up for My One Day Class Saturday, June 2

I will be teaching Intermediate Drawing, “Drawing to Paint” at the Machetanz Art Festival held at the Mat-Su College, June 2, 2012, Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  Click here to register.  We will be working in black/white/gray and exploring composition using the gray scale.  This will be a fun one-day class, all materials will be […]

Adorable Thank You Art Cards

Three hand-made cards saying thank you, from the kids who took the sketching hike with me up the Butte June first.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the teacher and students for taking the time to make these simple little charming drawings. It is interesting to see their experience and what caught their attention.  We studied […]

Kids Art Class on the Butte, Alaska

Last Wednesday, June 1, I led a group of energetic 6-12 year old’s on a sketching hike up the Butte trail from the Mothershead Road trail head.  These budding artists are part of the Palmer Arts Council Summer Arts Camp and were a joy to teach.  Pictured above is part of the group sitting at […]

Art Students Hike/Sketch the Butte

A gorgeous sunny day marked a hike with the art students at the Palmer Arts Council Summer Arts Program for a day of sketching in the field.  An energetic group of budding artists followed me up the steep trail to the top of the Palmer Butte.  Clutching sketch books, back packs, and cameras we hiked, […]

Art Workshop A Success!

Here are my wonderful students, art teachers all, from as far away as Homer to Fairbanks, Alaska, showing partially finished work from the Sunday morning class. At the 2008 Alaska Art Education Association Fall Conference in Wasilla, I enjoyed helping my students with composition, color, values, texture, and anything else I could throw at them […]

Niebrugge Teaches Alaska Art Teachers

The above photo is of a student (Alaska art teacher) working on her painting of a historic tractor with a reflection in puddle of water on the seat. Last Saturday I taught two concurrent workshops to a wonderful group of Alaska teachers during the Alaska Art Education Association Fall Conference in Wasilla, Alaska. We began […]

Niebrugge Workshop for Alaska Art Teachers

October 11-12 I will be teaching three, three hour workshops at the 2008 Alaska Art Education Association Fall Conference, Wasilla, Alaska.  Please contact Misty Holler at her email: for more information and details. The first class will be held from 9:30AM-12:30PM Saturday, October 11, 2008.  We will meet and drive to the historic district […]

Details About my Summer Workshop 2008

Sorry, unfortunately the workshop is canceled for this summer. Details and information regarding my Summer Workshop July 14-18 are now posted on my website. Click on the above link to find out how to register and what to bring. We are planning to paint a lot, learn much and have a really great time in […]

My Search for Liquitex Acra Violet

A few days ago I listed my basic palette and mentioned that I could not find my favorite color Acra Violet by Liquitex listed anywhere on the Liquitex website, so I submitted my question. Amazingly I received a very complete answer from the product manager, Alexis Dykstra. Here is the scoop taken directly from her […]

Tips for painting with Acrylic on Sintra

I have mentioned several times in my blog posts that I use Sintra as a surface for major public commissions, or large original paintings. It is a PVC plastic material, very light weight and strong. I like it for public art because it is durable. Here are a few tips for preparing the surface of […]

What to Bring to the July Art Workshop

Sorry, this workshop is canceled. To pack for my summer art workshop in Alaska keep several things in mind; our weather changes by the minute so layer your clothes. Since we will be sketching out-of-doors, bring comfortable shoes for uneven terrain, a windbreaker or light weight jacket, a hat or visor for the sun or […]

Art Workshop at Beautiful Lodge

Sorry, this workshop is canceled. Mountain Springs B&B located on the Edgerton-Parks Road in Palmer is the location for my one week workshop July 14-18, 2008. This beautiful facility has overnight accommodations as well as a large room for classes, and is located at the foothills of the Talkeetna Mountains near Hatcher Pass. We will […]

Prepare for My Summer 2008 Art Workshop

Sorry, this workshop has been canceled. If you are interested in attending my July 14-18 workshop here are some things that you can do to prepare in advance. The emphasis will be on finding subject matter out-of-doors. So start now by looking at the landscape three ways; distance, mid ground, and close-up. Learn to do […]

Art Classes I’ve Taught

I’ve been thinking about teaching a one week workshop this summer, mainly because a dear old friend has resurfaced in my life with plans to start a series of summer art workshops in Palmer, Alaska. This event caused me to reminisce about the importance of good classes and teachers in my own career. Teaching is […]

My Favorite Teachers and Mentors

One of fourteen living legends in American Watercolor, as dubbed by the American Artist Magazine in 1983, Edward H. Betts, N.A., A.W.S. is a man that I was fortunate to be able to study under. My first opportunity was a workshop sponsored by the Anchorage Community College in 1980. Subsequently I traveled to two more […]

My Basic Palette

I have tried nearly every color of acrylic paint manufactured, and my basic palette still boils down to simple primary colors with a few browns thrown in for good measure. Years ago I learned that you must always mix your own green, never use pre-mixed greens. I believe that learning to mix all values of […]

Brushes for Acrylic Paint

During my 35+ years of working with acrylic paint I have tried almost every kind of paint brush recommended, literally hundreds and hundreds of different brushes. Acrylic paint destroys brushes, so the first thing I learned is not to spend a lot of money on one. This is diametrically opposed to watercolor brushes, where the […]

Give Gifts of Art Supplies

If you are scratching your head about what to give the budding young artist this Christmas, or for that matter, the person who has expressed an interest in learning about art but is reluctant to try, give art supplies. They will always be appreciated. A great way to introduce someone to the skills needed to […]

Studying Art

I believe in studying art, taking classes, and learning all that you can about this wonderful profession.  It has been a few years since I’ve taken any workshops or taught, but my shelves are full of art books from classes I’ve taken and courses I’ve instructed.  No matter what your talent, classes can help you […]

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