First Loon

April 20, 2019

Mallard Pair Returns!

Rotting Ice

Bleary Eyed Morning

This morning I came downstairs to make coffee as usual, I filled the canister with water and put coffee grounds into the upper tray, and proceeded to push “make coffee”. Unfortunately I didn’t put the carafe under the spout, so all the coffee spilled out onto the counter, cabinets and floor. An hour later I […]

Another furnace issue

This morning I went out into the large detached garage for some veges (I store the garden veges out there because they keep all winter at 34 degrees) When I walked in I realized that the furnace was off and it was very cold inside. Repairman had to replace the batteries in the thermostat. Hopefully […]

Furnace Issues

Two weeks in a row I’ve had the furnace technicians here to monkey with my thermostat and furnace. I’ve been waking up to very chilly temperatures, and after manually bumping up the thermostat things begin to warm up. It takes awhile when it is minus one outside. I think everything is all fixed now (hopefully). […]

Panels 1 & 2

Progress Redington


Rain on Ice

Faithful Companions

Bob and his helper

Grandson Reilly with Bob and Princess

Sweet Bob

My Loves

Waiting for Pa Pa

So sorry sweetheart, Pa Pa is gone forever.

Melting Ice

40 degrees and rain.  Ugh!


The ducks are here today, gone tomorrow.  Fun to watch.

Orange Ice

Last night the orange sky reflected on the thin sheet of ice covering the lake.  Too thin to walk on yet.

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