Painting Final Detail

It seems like ages since I’ve painted but I’m back to the easel again and I finally finished the acrylic painting “Skating Outdoors”!  Yahoo!  After changing the color of the boy’s jacket three times, I’m satisfied with dark green. The finish detail included adding more definition to the trees in the background, punching up the […]

Painting the Color of Ice Again

There, I think I’ve found the color of ice. It looks like it is in the sun, but not as bright as the snow. Whew, that little section of the painting has many layers of dots! Next I’ll begin to finalize the figures and the snow covered trees. People often ask; “how long does it […]

Messing up a Good Painting

It is humiliating and humbling to publish the progress of a painting and during the process completely mess it up! I could have just skipped photographing this phase and no one would be the wiser, but I think it is a good lesson.  Painters often go too far, and don’t know when to stop! I […]

Painting a Darker Sky for Emphasis

Leaving the figures in their original “roughed in” state, I concentrated on darkening the color of the sky to emphasize the sunlit peaks in the background.  I’m also darkening the ice, but now it is a little too dotty and doesn’t look smooth. The kids look like they are skating on gravel.  To create a […]

Trying to Paint the Color of Ice

It is hard to keep my momentum going on this painting because I’ve had so many other commitments to deal with. I work best when I can block out a period of time of one or two weeks, and paint every day. This is a busy time of year and I paint whenever there is […]

Pointillism Dot by Dot

The above photo shows that I’ve loosely defined the clothing on the figures, and began to add pointillism, one dot at a time, to the sky and the foreground. Here I’ve added more pointillism to the foreground ice, some on the snow in the tree shadows, and I’m adding more definition to the distant mountains. […]

Roughly Blocking Figures in a Painting

Now the colors in the painting have all been roughly blocked in. Rough, very rough, but now I can see where I’m going. I chose colors for the figures that would compliment the colors in the landscape. My next move will be to define more carefully the shapes of the snow on the trees, and […]

Highlighting the snow in a Painting

A quick application of highlights to the snow on the trees and the foreground snow establishes the values throughout the landscape. I’m still using a flat application of paint at this stage. The pointillism technique will happen as I’m developing detail. My next step is to select colors and paint the two figures in the […]

Painting Detail in Mountains

At this stage of the painting I begin to add the tree line along the distant mountain peaks paying careful attention to light and shadow. More tomorrow, Gail Niebrugge, Landscape Painter

Defining trees in the “Skating Outdoors” Painting

At this stage of the painting I begin to establish the dark and light (shadows and sunlight) areas of the trees. These trees are heavily laden with snow and the time of day is late afternoon, the source of light is from the right and the angle of the sun is low. This lighting condition […]

Adding Pointillism to the “Skating Outdoors” Painting

After laying in solid color in most of the top two-thirds of the painting I begin to add a few dots. I do this to primarily to help determine values (darks, lights, and mid-tones), the colors of the dots will change many times over the course of the painting, but once the values are established […]

Beginning a New Painting; “Skating Outdoors”

For this painting I’ve changed my approach and blocked in areas of color without using pointillism. Each painting is unique and I do not follow a formula for how to begin. This time I’m using a stretched canvas with only a light coating of Gesso primer, leaving the texture of the canvas quite pronounced. I […]

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