Finished Commissioned Painting

My client is delighted with the painting. After a little discussion about adding more color to the planter rocks she agreed. So, I added more color and definition to the rocks, punched up detail and contrast in the flowers, softened the tree shadows on the driveway and checked that all vertical lines on the house […]

Details added to Commissioned Original Painting

After contemplating the nearly finished painting for a few days, I’ve made some subtle changes; darkening the shadows on the garage, highlighting the rock trim on the house, and defining details throughout. I refined the gradation in the sky from light to dark, emphasized shadows in the gardens, perfected shading on the figure, and gave […]

Almost Finished Original Painting

At this stage in the development of a painting I let it rest for awhile, and think. It looks almost finished, but it is not. This is the time for some serious evaluation. I will turn the painting upside down and sideways, looking for compositional flaws. I haven’t added finished detail yet and save that […]

Original Painting Flower Garden Commission

At this stage of the painting the house and background are partially finished, the foreground flower garden is barely roughed in. I’m establishing depth in the scene with color, and carefully choosing values. The seated figure is not painted at this time, and the rock borders are unpainted. I will work on those areas next, […]

Working Mats for the Art Studio

Again, I like to save time while painting. So, instead of taking down all of my photo references so that I can have an uncluttered background to evaluate the painting, I keep a bunch of empty mats in a variety of sizes handy to create a temporary mat around the artwork. This working mat helps […]

Originial Painting Using Photo Reference

Last summer a client commissioned me to create an original painting featuring her house and flower gardens. Here are the steps I use to create a painting with specific subject matter.

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