Streaky Background

Yellow and yellow green are notorious for needing second or third coats. See how streaky the first coat is in this photo. This is the beginning of one panel of four for the Redington School % for Art project. I’m getting ready to apply the second coat.

Redington Commission Begin Painting

I started painting the background on one of the four panels for the Redington School. Then, I ran out of paint. I’m waiting for my paint order to arrive before I can continue. I use Utrech acrylics from New York, and have been for nearly 40 years.

Redington % For Art #1

I’m finally getting started on the commission for the new Redington Jr/Sr High School. This is the first of four 4’x8′ panels that will connect, creating a 4’x32′ long painting of Fireweed up-close. I can’t wait to get started, this will be a fun project to paint. I will post my progress from time to […]

Prepping Panels for Redington School

There are four of these 4’x 8′ panels of Sintra for the Redington School % for Art Commission. They will be joined to form a 32′ long art panel. In addition there will be a 4’x4′ panel on the adjacent curved wall. This will be fun, the subject is Fireweed! First I need to sand […]

Princess Puppy Takes a Walk

Bob and Princess back from their daily walk.  She is the sweetest puppy imaginable!  So eager to please, so easy to train.  She is about 10 months old now and will not grow much bigger.  Just the perfect size for a lap dog.  She loves to snuggle and sleep in your lap.  I find Bob […]

Commission Installed!!

The guys from Design Graphics Signs installing the final big bird in the series of seven in the lobby of the new Mat Su Day School, Wasilla, Alaska. The finished installation.  Just in time for the building dedication Friday, August 15.

Fun 4th

A wonderful day with neighbors, good food, good friends, fireworks and fun.  Bob was able to attend two backyard Bar-B-Q’s on the 4th.  Good times were had by all!

Starting Second Snow Goose Painting

The beginning of the second Snow Goose painting for the Mat Su Day School Percent for Art project for the entry.  This is number five out of seven big birds, once this is finished I will have two to go!  I often paint with the subject upside down or sideways, it means less reaching up […]

Finished Snowgoose Painting

Bird number four, three to go for the % for Art Mat Su Day School Lobby, Wasilla, Alaska.

Beginning Snowgoose Painting

Getting a good start on the Snowgoose painting for the % for Art for the Mat Su Day School, Wasilla, Alaska.

Finished Crane

First Sandhill Crane finished, three out of seven birds complete now.  Fun commission for the Mat Su Day School % for Art.

Beginning to Paint a Sandhill Crane in Flight

I have just started laying in dots on the large Sandhill Crane image.  Seven big birds will be completed for the entry lobby of the new Mat Su Day School in Wasilla, Alaska under the % for Art program.  This is number three.

Mallard in Pointillism

One of seven waterfowl paintings commissioned through the Alaska % For Art program to be installed in the entry of the Mat Su Day School, Wasilla, Alaska.  Two completed, five to go!

Big Birds Commission; Raven

The first big bird in the Mat Su Day School commission; Raven.  He is painted on 1/4″ thick cut out panel of Sintra, one of seven birds that will complete the project.  This is the smallest, therefore the easiest to complete.  Now I’m working on the largest, the big Sandhill Crane starting to fly.  It […]

Painting Values on Big Birds

My studio has been invaded by a bunch of birds!  Yesterday I began to establish values on the big birds, painting shadows and highlights.  The birds are all in a state of very rough under painting, but are taking shape.  I will continue to layer paint, no doubt start adding pointillism next until they begin […]

Underpainting Big Birds

After lightly pencil sketching details onto the big birds I coated each panel with a transparent acrylic bonding agent.  After it dried I begin to loosely paint a neutral acrylic value to establish the patterns of light and dark on each bird.  Yesterday I finished five birds, today I will finish the last two and […]

Birds are Ready to Paint

Picked up my big birds from the fabricator yesterday, one of them needs to be re-cut, the size is wrong.  But, other than that they are ready for sanding and cleaning and an application of the bonding agent that I use for acrylic paint.  We head out on vacation in the morning for two weeks, […]

Another Fabulous Alaska Winter Sunset

I never tire of the sunset view from the house, every evening the sky is different, none are the same.  At this time of year the sun sets right in the middle of the ridge across the frozen lake.  In the summer we don’t see sunset unless we stay up till midnight.  As you can […]

Mat Su Day School Commission

Here is the sketch for the big birds that will go on the curved lobby entry wall at the new Mat Su Day School.  Not only does the wall curve but it slopes back up to the ceiling at 7 degrees.  The big birds will stand out from the wall about 1″.  After the shapes […]

Beginning New Design for Art Commission

Time to begin a new design for my Alaska % for Art Commission for the new Mat Su Day School, in Wasilla.  I chose the curved entry wall for my artwork.  The selection committee liked the large bird cut-out shapes I did for the Palmer Courthouse, so I’m thinking I’ll continue the exploration of this […]

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