Boxes of Books

On our last cruise we met a lovely couple who were assigned to the same dining table, we became friends and have communicated by email and phone regularly. They have since embarked on a 45 day cruise and are sending updates. We had to cancel our cruise due to my husbands ongoing health issues. She […]

Prepped Panels

My daughter-in-law Janine spent the day with us today and helped me prep the art panels for the Redington School. There will be 32′ of panels joined together for the wall in the gymnasium. We primed the panels with an acrylic primer, and I will add an acrylic bonding agent to the paint when I […]

Helper Bob

I’ve been so swamped with work lately that I recruited Bob to help mount prints into 8×10 mats. It is nice to have him working with mats and frames again.

Reference Material for Iditarod School Project

In between working with Matanuska Valley Telephone and Apple Support it has taken two days, but I can now access my email account again on my computer. Ever since I upgraded my OSX to version 10.11.2 everything was messed up with my email account. What a pain. In between working on the email account, I […]

027 1666 Lionel

We decided to drag out the old Lionel train and track and set it up under the Christmas tree this year. It has been quite awhile since we’ve had it set up. I doubt it will run, but it looks great! It is a pre-WW2 model that Bob has had since he was a little […]

New Technology So Affordable

I’ve been nursing the old Fax, Copier, Printer along, dreading having to replace that expensive behemoth. I think it cost me over $500.00 ten years ago. Imagine my shock to find the new replacement was available for $75.00. Good grief! Why did I keep messing with that old clunker? I’ll donate it to charity, the […]

Thanksgiving Cactus

I’m always amazed when this plant blooms, we’ve had it for over fifteen years and it is still going strong. When we were building this house more than 10 years ago we put most everything in storage including this plant. Loading everything into the truck to move we came to a tall stack of summer […]

Joe my Window Guy

It began more than 30 years ago when we owned the Glennallen Tastee Freeze. We were having coffee in the dining room one day and saw a young man with a squeegee and a ladder cleaning the windows of the bank across the street. Bob walked over and approached the young man, named Joe, and […]

Studio Visit with Lunch

Yesterday we had a lovely visit with a couple who booked a studio tour and lunch through Entree Alaska, a tour company that arranges special private tours in Alaska.  My neighbor and I spent the morning making a zucchini casserole from a new recipe.  It is always risky to try a new recipe on company, […]

My New-Old Sofa

Today Dale from The Upholstery Gallery in Palmer, Alaska, delivered my new/old sofa.  Wow, what a beautiful job of re-upholstering.  Now I will have to keep Princess puppy from destroying it.  The sofa has a prominent place in the upstairs art studio and we really missed not having it to sit on.

Puppy Damage

Noooooo!!!!!  Not my leather Barcalounger!  Do they have such a thing as white duct tape?

Thanksgiving Cactus Blooms

This plant is very old, and much abused.  I forget to water it and it continues to bloom twice a year, once around Thanksgiving and again around Easter.  During the time we were building this house (2004) we rented a place to live that had a huge storage garage and some how this plant got […]

Cool New Rug, Next; Sofa Reupholstered

I love the new area rug in the studio, now it is clearly time to get that old sofa reupholstered.  It is well-made and is a sofa bed, so I’m keeping it, but the time has come for new fabric.  The Princess puppy has done a number on the cushions, scratching at them with her […]

January Alaska Sunrise

This photo was taken around 9:30AM earlier this week from the upstairs window of my studio.  Our Alaska weather has been like spring break-up, which usually doesn’t happen until April.  It has been so mild, and rainy, it seems strange especially when we read of the Polar Vortex literally freezing the East coast.  While that […]

Tending to the Business of Art

Today I take inventory, counting paint, prints, originals, etc.  And I need to purge the file cabinet to remove all the financial records for 2013.  I keep them in a clear plastic storage container, saved for seven years.  I think I only need to save them three years now, I’ll have to check on this.  […]

Beginning New Design for Art Commission

Time to begin a new design for my Alaska % for Art Commission for the new Mat Su Day School, in Wasilla.  I chose the curved entry wall for my artwork.  The selection committee liked the large bird cut-out shapes I did for the Palmer Courthouse, so I’m thinking I’ll continue the exploration of this […]

Winter Long Slow Sunsets at the Lake

View of the lake from the studio artist Gail Niebrugges on the second floor of her home on Finger Lake, Alaska around 4:00PM December 26, 2013.  A fresh snow shows a few snow machine tracks, and trails made by vehicles leading to the best ice fishing spots.  Otherwise it is pretty quiet for the day […]

Awaiting a Big Snow Storm

The winter so far has been very mild, too mild.  When it warms up, snow and ice melt and coat everything with a thin glass of ice.  It is slicker that snot out, cleats or spikes are imperative in order to walk.  A big snow storm is in the forecast, and that would be a […]

Holiday Cookie Results; Mixed

Two days of reading recipes and trying my hand at Holiday cookie baking, I finally gave in to the old tried and true chocolate chips and peanut butter varieties.  Here is a cookie sheet of chocolate chips ready for the oven. Here are our masterpieces from our first day of baking.  I feel like I’m […]

Artist Attempts Holiday Cookie Baking

This is the first Holiday season in 30+ years that we haven’t been super busy doing an art booth at all the arts and crafts shows from Fairbanks to Anchorage, Alaska.  I decided to take a break, and enjoy my home and have some time to do what regular people do during the holidays.  First […]

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