Wing Dancing Painting Stage #11


I’m working on refining all aspects of the painting, a little here, a little there, more variation of values in the grass and darkening the colors in the background behind the birds.  Next, I began work on the Sandhill crane wings, defining shapes and adding a some blur to the feathers at the wing tips.  The birds are still at a very roughed-in state.  The progress I’m making is subtle now and will take a careful comparison to see the difference between Stage #10 and Stage #11 of the painting, these changes took several days of work.  Some times after I make a change and don’t like it, I’ll paint it back the way it was before.  A lot of effort goes into a painting that is not visible, but all that matters is how it looks when it is finished.  When I paint again I will focus on more detail.

Gail Niebrugge, wildlife artist

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