West Butte Trailhead


The trail widened and gradually descended to a trailhead marked “West Butte Trailhead”. No map, no directions, nothing! There we were stranded on the opposite side of the Butte from where we began. To reach our car we had two choices, we could retrace our steps and hike back over the mountain or hike four or five miles on roads. We chose the roads. A few minutes later a local homeowner named Butch drove up and offered to take us back to our car, he said he takes hikers back to their cars this all of the time. What a strange situation. Back at the studio I looked up the Matanuska Borough web page and found the map of the trail, it showed only the west route. No mention of the connection at the summit with the south/east route over private land. Hikers be warned.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

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  1. Beautiful photo, invites you to enter and walk…

  2. Thanks Noella, Alaska is indeed beautiful.


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