Buy “Wasilla Barn” Original Miniature Painting

Original Painting by Alaska Artist Gail Niebrugge

“Wasilla Barn” Original Mini Painting

6″ x 8″ acrylic on rag board

To purchase call for price and availability

The first day after a new snow Alaska Artist Gail Niebrugge explores nearby country roads in search of subject matter for paintings.  The pristine fresh snow in Wasilla, Alaska, does not last long, soon winds create drifts leaving open fields bare exposing stubby frozen grasses, time is of the essence before the pristine snow is gone.  One year Gail found this beautiful red barn bathed in sunlight, covered with a foot of fresh snow.  The large spruce tree in front created a perfect subject to paint.  Later, back at the studio Niebrugge began sketching the subject using photos as a reference, moving the fence, eliminating outbuildings and placing the big spruce closer to the barn.  During this time she kept a hectic schedule with a calendar full of shows, and presentations, the tiny painting was set aside and soon forgotten in a flat file.  A few weeks ago Niebrugge decided to find unfinished paintings and complete them.  Thus; “Wasilla Barn”was born.

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  1. I don’ tknow if I can actually afford an original, but I certainly want to ask and see if it is possible. Finally, something from my town, Wasilla.

    Can’t call right now, in Italy, but you can send a response to my email of facebook if you would like to .

  2. Thanks Marian, I love reading your blog and watching you live your dream. I sent an email regarding the mini.

  3. sherry Myers says

    Gail love this painting, what’s the price? Have so many of your prints would love to have an original and this one speaks to me. I love the colony barns.

  4. Hi Sherry! I found it stored in the frame shop, it is framed under glass 14″ x 16″ and is priced at $625.00. We accept VISA and Master Card, and also do lay-a-ways. Thanks

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