U.S. Customs Building, Skagway, Alaska

The Prospectors Trail” acrylic painting on Sintra, a ten panel multi-dimensional artwork 12′ wide and 9′ tall. The painting commemorates the rugged terrain of the historic Chilkoot Trail used by prospectors during the 1897-1898 stampede from Skagway, Alaska, to Canada’s Klondike gold fields. The technique of pointillism employed on Niebrugge’s smaller works is modified for this major commission: larger dots are used so that they are visible from a distance.

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  1. michael wiltowski says

    I work at the Skagway, Alaska Customs POE and enjoy your Prospector’s Trail painting. Many travelers comment on it’s beauty. I recall one specific gentleman mention that he noticed that the sillouette of the cliff reminded him of a humpback whale. I agreed but insisted that it wasn’t intentional and was simply coencidental. Could you answer this ongoing questing?

  2. Thank you. All shapes on the cliff are purely imagined by the viewer. The cliff is just a cliff, and humpback whale is simply coincidental. Gail

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