Buy Trumpeter Swan 5.8″ x 7″ Mini Print

Art Print from an Original Painting by Artist Gail Niebrugge


Trumpeter Swan Art – “Trumpeters with Young”
Trumpeters With Young”
5.8”x 7” Mini Art Print on Paper
Open Edition Signed
$30.00 US

Original acrylic painting “Trumpeters with Young” SOLD.

After hours of hiding in the brush watching Trumpeter Swan on Chitina Town Lake, Alaska, and crawling on her belly with tripod and camera, Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge finally got a few shots of the swans and their young before they hastily swam to the opposite shore. Through the years her efforts to research the Trumpeter Swan rewarded her with some wonderful paintings. Patience pays. This open edition mini art print is of the highest quality, printed on acid free paper with fade resistant inks, each are hand signed by the artist Gail Niebrugge.

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  1. Michelle Coffman says

    Is there any way to get this print bigger??

  2. Sorry, Michelle, that is the only size we make it.

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