Tips for painting with Acrylic on Sintra

I have mentioned several times in my blog posts that I use Sintra as a surface for major public commissions, or large original paintings. It is a PVC plastic material, very light weight and strong. I like it for public art because it is durable.

Here are a few tips for preparing the surface of Sintra so that the acrylic paint will bond. If you want to paint on this surface in my July 14-18 workshop, bring some along and I’ll help you. You will also need to bring some GAC 200, a liquid acrylic polymer emulsion made by Golden, to mix with your first layer of acrylic paint to increase adhesion to this non-porous surface. Before you apply paint the surface must be sanded with 000 steel wool and thoroughly cleaned using cotton balls and rubbing alcohol. For best adhesion no trace of oil from your hands or anything else should remain on the surface.

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, original acrylic paintings

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  1. I like the blog posts.Do you offer fluid acrylics paintings systems?

  2. No, I only use acrylics from a jar…..very thick paint, I thin with water.

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