The Start of Another New Painting

Lately I’ve been painting on canvas, and enjoying the springy texture of the stretched fabric.  But, I ran across a series of work I did a few years ago using an under painting of watercolor on heavy rag paper and I immediately yearned to paint with that method again.  So, using reference material from my Artist in Residence at Denali National Park in 2009, I sketched a scene that I found during a hike on the McKinley Bar trail on watercolor paper.

I’m using a nice heavy toothed 300# rag from my drawer of papers, I have no idea what kind it is, it was purchased so many years ago.  My flat files are loaded with assorted papers and rag boards and I usually select something spontaneously, based on my mood at the moment.  Nothing scientific here.  I’m really not hung up on a special paper or way to paint, other than it usually ends up in pointillism no matter what I do.  It just happens.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska painter

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