The Pools, Our Retreat

PoolsHere is the view from the balcony of our condo in Cabo San Lucas, Baja.  I think it is pretty nice.  Not shown in the photo are the two cruise ships anchored in the bay today.  Bob and I are on our own now (our friends, the Hales, left Monday) until we head home to Alaska at the end of the week, this has been a perfect break from the winter.  The longer we stay the more lazy we become.  First thing in the morning we stake out our chairs, the best ones are secured early.  I think folks set their alarms to get the best lounges.  It doesn’t matter how early we go, most of them are reserved already.  Then, after breakfast we bring our water bottles, books, sunscreen, and sunglasses and settle in for the morning.  Lunch and drinks are served as we request to our lounge chairs by the pool.  This is a tough life, but someone has to do it.  In the evening we take a taxi to one of the many excellent restaurants in town.  We’ve eaten fresh lobster, fish, refried beans, and delicious Mexican fare.  It is going to be tough when we get home, no one waiting on us.  But, we will get to see our sweet little Princess puppy who we miss very much.

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