The First Layer of Dots in Pointillism Painting

These thumbnail details show how beautiful and varied in color the first layer of dots are as I apply them over the loose brush stroke under painting on the seven panels for the Palmer Courthouse Entry.

The key to my style of representational realism is choosing the correct values for the dots, any color can be used as long as the values are correct.

You can easily see that the dots are forming layers of their own, dots upon dots.  Dots underneath dots.

It is sort of like creating a mosaic with bits of colored glass or pottery except I must mix each and every color, I can’t just step back and choose a piece of colored glass.  If I miss the value I have to paint the area over again.  Acrylic dries darker, so I often find myself satisfied that I’ve created the correct value only to find darker dots jumping out at me when they are dry.  It is quite a mental exercise.  Challenging and fun!

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

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  1. Wow! I’m really going to enjoy watching this develop!

    Noella xx

  2. Thanks Noella, it is coming along quite well.

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