Taos, New Mexico, and Hot Chili Peppers

RoastingChilisWe took a two-day road trip with our hosts, John and Lee Reeve, to Taos, New Mexico.  Oh, how I love the pueblo style architecture and the wonderful assortment of Mexican food loaded with roasted hot chili peppers.  Above is a photo of green and red chili’s being roasted in a spinning drum.  Four of these drums operated as customers waited for their orders of a bushel basket.  My husband Bob was in nirvana, he loves hot roasted peppers.

ReevesTaosHere is a photo of us with our dear old friends; left to right me, John Reeve, Lee Reeve, and Bob.  John and Bob were roommates at Occidental College in the early 60’s.  Amazing that three of us couples from the Oxy years are still married after 50+ years each.  We just visited the other in Lake Tahoe; Ned and Cookie Hales.  The old saying certainly applies to these couples; “New friends are like silver, but old friends are like GOLD!”  We are photographed standing in front of the historic San Francisco de Assis Mission Church in Taos.  The art of the Southwest and the museums in this area are outstanding, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and have many ideas for future paintings.


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