Seward Mural; Numbering the Colors

All panels color numbered and ready to paint.  Photo by Ron Niebrugge.

Once the enlargement was complete, I spent the better part of the day assigning the thirty one color numbers to the blank spaces in the drawing.  Every time I thought the job was done, I found more blank spaces.  It was incredible how complicated this part of the job became, I was still finding unnumbered spaces well into the first painting day!  I felt that this part of the planning was essential to complete carefully, for an unknown number of strangers with paint and brushes were going to converge on the mural on Saturday.  Without a careful plan, chaos would reign.

The mural painting area inside the Cruise Ship Terminal was roped off and the panels were placed flat, two at a time, on top of tables ready to paint.  Numbers were assigned to thirty one cans of paint.  Buckets of brushes every size and shape were standing ready alongside containers of turpentine and cleaning rags, and the floor and tables were protected by plastic.  The mural organizer, Jennifer Headtke, was prepared, twenty people had promised to be volunteer painters Saturday, and ten to twelve would complete the details on Sunday.  The plan sounded feasible.

My dreams that night were a continuation of the misadventures from the night before with the added element of a nagging soreness in my back and neck.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

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