Seward Mural; Enlarging the Drawing

Enlarging the drawing.jpg
Gail, and Dot Bardarson sketching the enlargement with help from Betsy Smith.

Even in the rain the drive to Seward Thursday, September 22, was beautiful. I always marvel at the magnificent scenery along Turnagin Arm and enjoyed the change from coastal green to brilliant fall as we drove over the mountains to the gorgeous alpine valleys. On our arrival we found the small coastal town of Seward ready and waiting for the anticipated influx of Art and Music Festival visitors.

The panels for the mural were were stored in a large space inside the Cruise Ship Terminal, and members of the Seward Mural Society volunteered to help transfer my small numbered drawing up to the final size. From transparencies, we projected the sketch on to 4’ x 8’ panels and used permanent markers to follow the outlines. By the end of the evening we had five of the eight and a half panels transferred. The color numbering was hard to read, so we elected to add most of the numbers after the panels were sketched.

That night I slept fitfully, the drawing became a grotesque distortion in my dreams and all the color numbers disappeared. I woke anxious and ready to finish enlarging the drawing.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

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  1. Lee;

    Your murals are awesome, what wonderful work. The Seward mural project is an all volunteer effort and painted in two days. A lot of compromises must be made in the design to accomplish this, it must be simple and in a paint-by-number style. I think my design came out quite nice, thanks for the comment.


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