Rose Painting Stage #10


After a lot of work and many, many more dots layered on top of the original dots I think the rose looks redder.  I’ve never tried to do an all red subject before, and it is a challenge.  Mixing white with red makes pink.  I’ve mixed red, violet, orange, and white and still get pink.  Making Magenta lighter in value is tough.  I think I should have started with larger areas of Deep Scarlet, Burnt Sienna, or Alizarin mixed with the compliment in the darkest spaces and then I could have worked up to using only pure Rose Madder in the highlights.  The overall color is still pinker than I visualized, but I’m going to leave it this way because it works fine for this painting.  I’ll try a deeper crimson colored flower another time.  Lesson learned.  My next step is to finalize the details.

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, rose artwork

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