Photographing a Waterfall at Palm Canyon Oasis

Our son, photographer Ron Niebrugge, set up to shoot the waterfall at the oasis at the end of the Borrego Palm Canyon trail. This spot is lush and beautiful, fresh water pools among large boulders, lots of desert foliage and a grove of tall palm trees. The trail to the oasis is scattered with the remains of palm tree trunks from a devastating flash flood in 2004 that washed out half the grove, their skeletons tossed like match sticks along the riverbed. We are always cautious about flash floods when we hike riverbeds in the desert, today it is raining in the mountains and the wind is howling, blowing dust in the valley floor below. But, we were nicely protected in this oasis.

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, wildflower artist

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