Palmer/Moose Creek RR Trail Hike


We cancelled our regular Tuesday hike due to heavy rain and re-scheduled Wednesday, weather permitting.   Wednesday morning I could see fresh snow at Hatcher Pass and the sun shining in Palmer so two of us hiking die-hards decided to try the Palmer/Moose Creek Rail Road Trail.  It is a very scenic route that begins at the north end of Palmer and slowly descends the bluff above the Matanuska River.

Unfortunately there are several serious landslides that have washed out the trail about a mile and a half from the start.  For senior citizens like myself, they were tricky and dangerous to cross.  I’m finding that my balance isn’t what it used to be when I was younger, and I don’t trust my footing on a 45 degree slant of loose rock and soil with a straight chute below ending in the raging glacier fed Matanuska River.  My trusty companion Mary urged me to take my time and be careful, and soon we were through the steep stuff and enjoyed the lovely forested trail.  On the way back I climbed above the wash outs on my hands and knees picking my way carefully up the steep scree slope and felt more confident that way.  Mary is more nimble than I, and managed very well although admitted that one slip of the foot and it would all be over except for the shouting.  We would like to see the Borough send some trail workers out with picks and shovels, it wouldn’t take too much to make these crossings safer.

Gail Niebrugge, landscape painter

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