SOLD Palmer Museum Acquisition Ink Drawing “Musk Ox”

MuskOx“Musk Ox”

8.5″ x 16″ ink drawing, framed under glass 13″ x 21″

©Gail Niebrugge

I am pleased to announce that the Palmer Museum of History and Art chose my drawing “Musk Ox” for their 2013 permanent collection acquisition.  Located downtown Palmer, Alaska, at 723 S. Valley Parkway, the museum is housed in a log building surrounded by beautiful gardens.  The museum mission is to collect, care for, exhibit and interpret items that depict the history of the Palmer region.  Certainly the Musk Ox located at the historic 1930’s era Colony farm is deeply connected to the history of Palmer.  The first domestic Musk Ox farm started in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1964 and is presently located in Palmer at mile 50 Glenn Highway.  I had the pleasure of being invited to watch the sparring of the bulls one spring day and found these very young babies huddled together in another pen.  Their fur (qiviut) is combed and spun into exquisite yarn.

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  1. Congrats….really neat pict.

  2. Thanks Shuster! We miss you guys.

  3. Noella Ross says

    Very fine work, Gail. I can even see the different expressions on their faces.

  4. Thanks Noella!

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