Painting Atmautluak 20

The proposed painting of “Race Day” for the Atmautluak school library, Alaska, will be 3′ high and 8′ long, much too long to fit comfortably into the small single engine airplane that is chartered to bring me back to the village. So, my engineer husband Bob designed four 2′ long panels that could be bolted together when the painting was complete.


This drawing was taken from my 1981 sketchbook, and is the original design for the panels used in the painting “Race Day”.

With the design problem solved only one other problem remained; the 8′ long picture frames would not fit inside the small plane. After consulting with the pilot, we agreed to attach the long metal frame sections to the struts on the outside of the airplane. Only in Alaska!

I planned to complete the painting in two weeks at the school during April! So, along with all the supplies for the artwork, I needed two weeks worth of groceries, and clothes. This time I would not leave my pillow at home no matter how much space it took!

I was nearly ready to return, just a few more details to work out.

More tomorrow.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

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