Buy Original Drawing “Johnny Busia’s Cabin” Kantishna, Alaska

Original Drawing by Artist Gail Niebrugge

Original drawing “Johnny Busia’s Cabin”

Pen and ink drawing on Bristol paper 11″ x 15″ unframed

Call for price and availability.

Several years ago Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge was the featured artist at Kantishna Roadhouse, in Denali National Park, giving slide shows and informal talks during the evenings for the guests.  Each day Niebrugge had free reign to explore on her own or join the guests on various tours.  It was a wonderful experience.  One day the artist hiked to a historic cabin built in the early 1900’s by miner and trapper Johnny Busia.  It was festooned with an eclectic collection of trapping memorabilia. Gail Niebrugge had little information on the cabin at the time she did her photo research and she titled the finished piece with a misspelling of the last name Busia as Boucher.  Since that time the artist learned more, it was purchased in 2006 by Denali National Park and restored, but the exterior adornments of moose antlers and traps were removed.  Sadly, that is what Niebrugge liked best about the place.  Artist Gail Niebrugge is now offering “Johnny Busia’s Cabin” ink drawing of this historic cabin for sale.


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