Niebrugge Teaches Alaska Art Teachers


The above photo is of a student (Alaska art teacher) working on her painting of a historic tractor with a reflection in puddle of water on the seat. Last Saturday I taught two concurrent workshops to a wonderful group of Alaska teachers during the Alaska Art Education Association Fall Conference in Wasilla, Alaska. We began by traveling out to the Alaska Museum of Transportation and Industry where volunteer Faye Palin graciously opened the facility for our group to sketch. After an hour of sketching and a short talk by Faye about the history, current status, and future of the museum, we traveled back to the conference to enlarge our sketches on to canvas panels. The afternoon was spent painting, with several group critique sessions. I am absolutely impressed with the talent and dedication of the teachers in my class. Tomorrow I will teach a shortened version of the same class to three times as many students. What a rewarding experience.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

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