BUY Niebrugge Original Painting “Wolf and Roses”

Alaska Artist Gail NiebruggeWolfAndRoses

“Wolf and Roses” 14×20 acrylic on rag board, framed under glass 22×27

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Taken from the journal of artist Gail Niebrugge; “I stood on a bridge in Denali National Park and contemplated shadows cast by the sun on the landscape.  Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of movement on the road.  Tensing and turning slowly, I saw a wolf coming straight toward me on the bridge.  My heart pounded wildly as I stood motionless and weighed my  options for escape.  I was torn between two choices: jump from the bridge, bash myself into pieces, and drown, or have my throat ripped out by vicious, rabid, wolf fangs.  He continued across the bridge, passed within ten feet of me without acknowledging my presence, and wandered down the road and into the woods.”  Niebrugge stood with mouth agape, speechless.  A quiet encounter of less than a minute imbedded into her memory for a lifetime.

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