New Sunflower Painting in Pointillism [Sunflowerpainting1]

First I lightly sketch the subject onto a canvas using a pencil, after that I flung paint all over the original sketch from several large brushes and created a random splattering of various colors. When the splatters and drips dried I applied acrylic paint as a transparent wash to fill in large areas with pale color. Next, I begin the time consuming task of layering opaque acrylic dots in mid-values on top of the transparent wash to begin developing the background leaves, petals, and the seed-filled center of the flower.

This is a fairly large canvas, 36?x48,” with the easel positioned as low as it can go. Tall canvases require a lot of adjusting of the easel up and down in order for me to paint comfortably. I work hard to avoid bending over or raising my arm for long periods of time.

The finished painting.

The finished painting Sunflower. Next, the completed work will be photographed and digitized for my records, once the photography is complete I will apply several coats of Gloss Acrylic Gel to the entire surface. The gel will intensify color and give a nice tough finish to the surface. Since I prefer to use gloss gel I wait until after the painting is photographed before applying the finish coat, because the photo lighting reflects off the glossy surface and creates tiny white sparkles on the painting.

Sunflower is now available as a Giclee print on canvas in two sizes. To purchase the original painting, call for availability and price.

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