New Painting of Sandhill Cranes


I decided to embark on a monumental project, one that will take most of the summer or longer, and I will share my progress with you on this Blog as it evolves.  My giant venture is to create a 48″ x 60″ pointillism painting of Sandhill Cranes.  During the spring bird migration I spent a great deal of time watching, sketching and photographing these lanky creatures and what interested me most about their habits is the crazy dancing, wing flapping hop-scotch activity that takes place while they are on the ground.  I took more than 800 photos and initially planned to paint the cranes as they majestically flew through the air against a back drop of  snow capped mountains.  Instead, on further examination, I decided to paint the wacky “Wing Dancing” ritual and focus entirely on the birds, eliminating all background detail.

After sorting through hundreds of photos and sketches I picked several to download and print out where I carefully studied the images focusing my search on finding interesting shapes and motion.  Next, to save time, I traced my favorite birds with pencil on tracing paper and began arranging the drawings to form a pleasing composition.

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska wildlife paintings

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  1. Anita Gomez says

    All your painting are just beautiful. I can’t wait to see your sand hill crane picture evolve..


  2. Thank you Anita.

  3. Wow, that is quite a project. I’m probably as excited to see the finished work as you are. 🙂 Thanks for sharing its progress. Enjoy your art (a lot!) Cheers, Doug Lindstrand

  4. Thanks Doug, I’ve been following your work for longer than we both want to admit, glad to see you still out there and doing beautiful things.

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