Mural Color Mock Up Almost Finished

I’m just about finished with the color mock up for the Seward Mural, it has been a very time consuming job but looks great! I’m not sure how the enlargement process will work, the Seward Mural Society is in charge of this. My color mock up has a template with assigned color numbers, so any errors made during the enlargement process can be corrected easily. The next step will be for me to match the colors with paint swatches and forward this information to the muralists so that they can purchase the paint.

The Seward Phoenix Log wrote a very nice article about the project, and it seems that everyone wants me to include pointillism. I’m very skeptical that I can do this on a project so large with such a limited amount of painting time. I’m still thinking about this. Perhaps I will be able to overlay dots on some of the subject matter. Sort of a random sprinkling of pointillism. This decision will be made during the painting process.

I’m trying to have this project totally wrapped up before the Alaska State Fair, August 24-September 4, where we have a booth. We will be very busy during that time and for a week or two afterward, it would be best to have the mural project well in hand before the fair so that I won’t stress. I’m looking forward to working with all the volunteers who will help paint the mural, it should be a hoot! Remember, September 23-24 at the Railroad Depot, Seward, Alaska.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

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