Months of Painting Dots Nearly Done

I’ve been working on the commission for the Palmer Courthouse since late June, the seven odd shaped panels propped helter skelter against the walls of my studio have become a part of me.  I’ve finally started to pull the dots together with some detail and the compositions are becoming three dimensional.  The devil is in the details.  Pictured above is a small detail showing the depth of the many layers of dots as they overlap each other.

Random color sprinkled like confetti, the technique of pointillism takes on a wild look up close.  I am spending a lot of time viewing each panel from the maximum distance in my studio, about 50′.  Flipping the panels sideways, upside down, I’m making small value corrections and color adjustments.  Since the panels are irregular I am hand painting all the edges, first trying one color then re-doing with another.  Absorbed in my work time is suspended.  I’m nearing the end, and it is good.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

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  1. This looks great! I cannot wait to see it all finished.

  2. Thanks Amanda,
    I’ll post the installation and final project next week. It will be installed November 11.

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