Monarch Painting Finished!!


I’m thinkin’ “Monarch” is finished 🙂 It really didn’t require much more detail to complete, my effort concentrated on the reflected light in the shadows on the flower petals and creating color variation in the background. It might seem odd, but the negative space (background) in this painting took the most time. I’m not interested in slapping a monochrome solid color behind the positive space, I believe that every inch of a painting should be beautiful, and inch for inch this work is interesting and quite nice. I’m satisfied. “Monarch” 18×24 acrylic on canvas © Gail Niebrugge, call for price and availability (907)746-3256.

Next I begin serious work on the painting from my Artist-in-Residence at Denali National Park. I’ll squeeze time for this new project in between shows this month.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska landscape art

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  1. Just beautiful! So alive!

  2. Wow! So impressive! Very nice painting!

  3. Thanks Igor.

  4. Hi Gail,
    Love the painting very much!
    May I ask for price and availability of the painting to Perth, Western Australia?
    Our home garden has been designed as a Monarch butterfly habitat – and just looking at the painting would make us happy!
    God bless,

  5. Hi Rob,
    Thank you so much. The painting is on canvas and probably would be best to ship it unframed (to save $). The unframed painting is $2,800.00 US. Let me know if you want me to find out the shipping costs!

  6. Hi Gail,
    Thank you. Beautiful Monarch painting – I was probably dreaming, or thinking about prints – being of humble pocket!
    Whoever does get the original from you will be very fortunate indeed – a beautiful painting doing justice to a beautiful butterfly.
    God bless @:~)

  7. Rob,
    I’ll let you know when we publish this image as a print, it shouldn’t be too long. Hooray for prints!

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