May Creek Truck ink drawing Finished

“May Creek Truck” 16″x20″ ink drawing ©Gail Niebrugge

After a few days of inking parallel lines, cross hatch and a few dots of stipple I proclaim the drawing “May Creek Truck” is finished!  This was great fun.  I love the bullet holes in the windshields and noticed the absence of any headlights.  The #1 nib worked well to darken the spaces behind the bear proof mesh grate screening the window of the log building.

Below is a close-up detail of the front bumper and grille of the old truck showing the detail of cross hatch and parallel ink lines layered to build various values.

My mind wandered way back in time to the first visit to May Creek with my family in 1978.  I’d just become a licensed pilot and the proud owner of a four passenger single engine Cessna 170B.  It was a perfect family trip, the May Creek gravel strip is long and wide and our friends were there to meet and generously host us for the weekend.  We traveled, exploring all over the abandoned mining roads of the region in this wonderful truck.  A trip down memory lane for me and one of the joys of being an artist!

Above photo shows my son, daughter and husband in the back of the truck and our friends, Fran and Al Gagnon, during the summer of 1978, note the extra batteries tied on the top of the front left fender.

Gail Niebrugge, wilderness Alaska artist

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