Laying Down the Watercolor Wash

Close ups of the wild abandon I use when applying the under painting of watercolor.

I show very little regard to the drawing underneath at this stage.  Salt has been sprinkled onto the wet surface to create the snow flake look, and paint is splattered on the surface.

The finished under paint for the new work “McKinley Trail”.

After drying I took it outdoors to brush off the salt.  I use regular table salt, but someday I’ll try the big grains of Kosher salt.  I just don’t think about getting it out of the kitchen cupboard when I’m painting because I keep my little salt shaker handy in my portable painting tabouret.

Gail Niebrugge, artist

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  1. I allways wondered “where you started” when you do your poiontillism technique. I knew there was more to it that dots – and where would you start with the dots anyway?

  2. I left a comment but the box says my comment is awaiting moderation. WHAT? Since when have I been moderate?

  3. Hi Dot, I have to approve a comment before it is automatically posted. I’d say that 50-60 spam comments are submitted each day. Can’t let the spammers have control. Gail

  4. Dot, I have no formula and work very randomly. Each painting is different and the approach unique. I guess I’d get bored otherwise. Gail

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