Art Installation at the Courthouse Complete!

Here I am carrying one of the big bird paintings up the Palmer courthouse steps ready to be installed.

Our trusty helpers, Seth Blanchard and Shane McGraw from Sign Co, Anchorage, installing the last two Sandhill crane paintings in the lobby.

Seth and I checking out the view from the scissors lift.  What are all those birds doing flying around in the courthouse?

The final installation; “Seven Sandhills Soaring”.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska wildlife artist

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  1. The sandhill cranes look fabulous, Gail! They bring the courthouse to life. Wow!

  2. They look fabulous, but are more like sculptures. When you said paintings, I was expecting a flat painting. What is the base of them? They look like they just took off. People should really like them.

  3. Hi Sue, thank you for your comments. They are painted on a flat surface, Sintra. The three dimensional look is achieved with values; hues and tints of paint. Gail

  4. Thanks Noella!

  5. Those look great, congratulations!

  6. Hi Gail:
    They look great…..looks like they are fleeing the court ruling….:-)))

  7. Thanks Ron and Bob. Bob, you could be right…..)

  8. Wow…those are just beautiful!!

  9. Thank you Tawny, bring the kids down to see 🙂

  10. I’ll have to drop by and check them out! Beautiful!!

  11. Thanks Laurie!

  12. Gail,
    Beautiful work – I have been waiting, anxiously to see. How did you cut those very exact shapes? Any chance of a closer view (not quite as close as the details that built the suspense) ? 🙂

  13. Hi Sandi, Nice to hear from you. They were cut using a computer file made from my drawings. I don’t have any other close ups other than the ones I posted just before the installation. Hope you are still happily painting.

  14. Ginger Cruver says

    Wow!! I agree with Sue thinking the paintings would be flat on the wall but they are so lifelike and beautiful suspended in mid-air. What will you think of next?

  15. Thanks Ginger, my brain is whirling….thinking of ideas…the creative mind never rests.

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