Buy Ink and Watercolor Drawing of Bishops Beach, Homer

Original Drawing by Artist Gail Niebrugge


Original Drawing “Bishops Beach”

Ink and watercolor drawing by Gail Niebrugge,

To purchase original call for price and availability.

Another drawing from Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge’s sketchbook during her recent visit to Homer, Alaska. Bishops Beach is strewn with piles of driftwood, huge tree trunks scattered along the high water line like monster pick-up sticks. It is a great place to explore. When the tide is out miles of beach are exposed and become an endless playground for walking, running or hunting sea shells. During high tide the drift logs stacked on sand become warm shelter from the wind, or a challenging maze to search for treasures from the sea.  Artist Niebrugge started this drawing by splattering and randomly applying watercolor, then sketched the logs and sand with pen and ink. The contrast between the hard ink lines and the flowing wet on wet paint creates texture and gives the “look” of hard dry wood against the soft vegetation.


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  1. Bill Wilkinson says

    I love your work, it brings back fond memories of when we lived in Anchorage during the ealy 1950’s. Gosh but we miss that time in our lives and the wonderful time we had with our two kids, one was born in Anchorage.
    You do great work I am not even close to your level of expertise and did no painting when I lived in Alaska. I was just a photographer and remember well a time when we South of Anchorage and I took some Moose photos whick I cherish to this day.
    Best Regards
    Bill Wilkinson
    Glasgow Ky

  2. Hello Bill;

    Hello to Kentucky! Thank you for the very nice comments. Yes, Alaska gets into your blood and never seems to leave no matter where you move.
    Enjoy learning to paint, your photography experience will help you in understanding how to use composition. Photography has always been a big part of my life, starting with the Brownie box camera when I was a kid. But, painting is my passion.



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