Hiking the Matanuska Glacier

MatanuskaGlacier13During this period of extraordinary, warm spell in Alaska we took advantage of the great weather and brought our guests to the Matanuska Glacier for a guided hike on the ice.  Pictured are myself, Kyle from Hollister California, and Kyle’s grandpa from San Jose, California.  This is the kind of thing I love to do and why I live in Alaska.  We are surrounded with magnificent scenery, snow covered mountains, braided rivers, thick dense forests of deciduous trees, a virtual feast for the eyes and paradise for a landscape artist.  I love to share my Alaska with others.  We stopped for dinner at one of my favorite places on the Glenn Highway, Sheep Mountain Lodge.  Where else can you pull up to a beautiful log roadhouse with a green house that has a fully taxidermist total body moose with a huge set of Antlers standing inside among the vegetables and herbs?  Outside is a coin operated spotting scope for locating Dall Sheep along the steep, multi-colored rock rimmed mountains behind the lodge.  A gorgeous team of dogs are tied to their kennels awaiting daily training to run the next Iditarod sled dog race.  The owner, Zack Steer, is the dog musher, he and his wife Ajanette own and operate this beautiful oasis along the highway, miles from everywhere in this pristine wilderness.

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  1. Hiking up there ??? Me I would rather drive~~ lol Sure is Beautiful..

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