Hikers Summit the Palmer Butte


A few of us girls are planning to hike together one day a week the first hike was yesterday, June 2.  In the middle of a clear, sunny day we drove two cars to the Butte trail in Palmer.  This time I knew better and parked one car at the north trail head and another at the south trail head where we began.  It was warm and dusty, and all of us felt out of condition.  We took several panting, breathing breaks and made it to the top in 45 minutes!  The views are outstanding.  We marveled at the gorgeous mountains, glacier and the patterns of the farmers fields, then headed down the maintained trail on the north side.  Our first hike included myself (on the left), Mary Mystrom and Tamera Baughman.  We plan to hike each Tuesday at 1:00PM, interested parties call me at (907) 746-3256.

Gail Niebrugge, landscape artist

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