Fourth of July in Seward

Sunday morning we climb into our truck and camper and make the scenic drive from our home/studio in Palmer to the gorgeous seaside town of Seward, Alaska. Our son, well known professional photographer, Ron Niebrugge and his wife Janine live there. We have been celebrating the fourth of July watching and helping with the famous Mt. Marathon Race for many, many years. You can see Ron’s work on his photo website.

Ron and Janine have not only participated in the race, but Janine was chairman of the race several years ago. For the past few years Ron has stood on top of a flat bed truck downtown and announced the finish of the Women’s Race.

The town comes alive with vendor booths featuring all sorts of goodies, but best of all, tons of excellent tasting high carbohydrate, high fat food! We graze on this yummy stuff from sunrise to sunset. The fourth of July would not be the same without fattening food!

This will give me a chance to check out the building where the huge mural that I have been commissioned to design will be mounted, and visit with members of the Seward Mural Society

See you in Seward!

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

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