Fireworks Across The Lake

Last night our neighbors had quite a party with fireworks, and we had a ring-side seat viewing them from the warm comfort of our home.

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  1. Noella Ross says

    How lovely, Gail. I am so glad you and Bob stayed in your lovely home on the lake and can be there as long as possible. Much love and God’s blessings and joy for Christmas as we celebrate our Saviour’s birth. xxx

  2. I hope to stay in our home to the end. I might require a number of caregivers and helpers. I will
    deal with that one day at a time. Best wishes and Merry Christmas. Gail

  3. Noella Ross says

    Good for you, Gail! My feelings too, as I love where I am. I am not the retirement village type, and I always want to own a cat.

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