Finding the Elusive Bighorn Sheep

We spent another day in Palm Canyon, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, watching for the elusive Bighorn sheep.  Suddenly, out of nowhere people on the trail below us all stopped and pointed, we scanned the hillside and saw this single young ram.  Then we looked up the canyon on the opposite side just in time to see the hind ends and tails of several ewes with their young.

As we approached the folks watching the young ram we were greeted by my son, photographer Ron Niebrugge, and his wife and guest.  They were able to see a little more of the ewes, apparently they crossed the trail minutes before.  We were so close, and yet so far.  I am constantly amazed at how fleet footed these beautiful creatures are, they can literally climb a vertical surface and do it quickly.  I’m going to keep going back to this trail in the hopes of finding more sheep and hopefully get a little closer.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

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  1. Do you stay in the dessert at night or go in each day? Awesome there, and here we have a winter storm watch for 14″ much rather be where you are…

  2. Hi Candie, We rented a house in the desert for a month so that we can watch the wildflowers bloom, photograph birds, animals and be warm at the same time. It is working quite well. We’ll be home to the snow soon enough.

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